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QualifiedFirst® is a solution that gives you complete control of your personal background check and reputation. Rather than waiting for someone to ask you for a background check or to prove your qualifications, QualifiedFirst® helps you proactively manage and share your personal information. Use it for traditional needs like job hunting, getting an apartment or applying to academic programs. You can also use it to gain trust on social and professional networking sites. You can even use it for dating!

QualifiedFirst® gives you a personal portfolio where you can store your important information like background checks, work history, credentials and heath records. You can enter and update your information and keep track of it all in one convenient place. We’ll even notify you when it’s time to update that information.

If you want to share the information in your QualifiedFirst® portfolio, you can. But you don’t have to. You choose what information and who you want to share it with and it will be inaccessible by anyone else.

Here's How it Works

It’s really quite simple and straightforward.

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