Want to verify academic information you receive from applicants? Verified Credentials checks directly with the academic institution that granted the diploma or degree. Or, we verify the information with the authorized agent that archives the institution’s records. We make sure you get the full picture on your candidates’ education history.

When we come across inconsistent academic claims, we take the extra step to obtain additional documentation from the academic institution. If we discover that an institution is not accredited or the candidate never attended the institution, we research to find which organization may have provided the false document.

An education verification confirms:

  • Dates of attendance
  • Graduation date
  • Type of degree/diploma/certificate awarded
  • Majors and minors
  • Honors

These verifications are:

  • A basic component for screening positions that require academic experience and/or degrees
  • Able to catch inconsistencies for commonly exaggerated information on candidate applications

Note: Fees may apply to some academic verifications in order to access data.

Verification turnaround time: 1 - 3 business days

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Why choose Verified Credentials?


Q. Do I need to verify all of the degrees and diplomas claimed by my candidates?
The costs of verifying all diplomas and degrees may outweigh the benefits. Most academic institutions verify prior academic experience as a requirement for participation. So why waste your money? Unless a specific need or requirement exists, we commonly recommend that you verify the highest degree obtained.

Q. What fees are associated with academic searches?
A. Offices of the Registrar at some colleges and universities require a fee to access student records. Fees may also apply if the institution’s academic records have been outsourced to a third-party agent.

Q. How does your verification process work?

A. Our highly trained verification specialists call the degree-granting institution or authorized agent to obtain academic history information. We report each attempt to contact the academic institution in detail in your online account. This makes it easy for you to monitor the verification status.

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