Verified Credentials Scholar® makes it easy to verify student backgrounds and manage other program requirements. Students fulfill requirements online with our simple step-by-step process, saving administrative staff time and hassle. You can track and drive student progress online, and share information securely with your partners. It’s a convenient, one-stop solution available at little to no cost.

Or call: 1-800-473-4934

Immunization records, insurance information, and CPR & other certifications

Background checks, registry searches, academic histories, references & other verifications.

View and approve required documents online. No more sifting through stacks of paper.

Automated email & text alerts keep students on track to meet important deadlines.

Monitor student progress for all of your programs under one easy-to-use online account.
Share student information with partners and affiliates with ease.

“I love the ability to view large groups of students at one time and easily access the details of each individual student. Tracking items like immunizations has reduced our need to use paper folders. Training and support on the system was great!”


Director of Nursing
A Southern state community college

"Verified Credentials is very responsive and provides great support!  Their Scholar solution is simple and allows us to use due dates to keep the students on track.”


Clinical Coordinator
A Northeastern University

“The entire process is terrific! As a school administrator, it is easy to see when a student is missing required information. Our students tell us that the system is easy to use as well.  The background report information is easy to read and understand. And Verified Credential’s customer service is excellent!”


Division Director
A Southwestern college