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Hassle-Free Student Requirement Management

Verified Credentials Scholar® makes it easy to manage all required student information, including background checks, immunization records, certifications and more. Students fulfill requirements online with our simple step-by-step process, saving administrative staff time and hassle. You can track and drive student progress online, and share information securely with your partners. It’s a convenient, one-stop solution available at little to no cost.

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Student Background Checks

Our cutting-edge screening process not only gives you the background information you and your affiliate partner sites need about your potential students. It also makes your job a lot easier.

Your students complete their own background checks on our exclusive student screening website, saving your administrative staff time. This also cuts down on data entry errors. If you choose, students can pay for their own background checks, or you can pick up the bill. To view or check results, simply log in to your online Verified Credentials Scholar® account.

Student Requirement Management

Rely on our requirement management system to track your students’:

  • Immunization records for student internships and clinical placement
  • CPR and other necessary certifications
  • Insurance information
  • Other requirements, such as college online orientation
  • References & letters of recommendation

Students complete their requirements quickly and easily online with a personalized QualifiedFirst® account. Students are provided step-by-step guidance and kept on track to meet critical deadlines with automated alerts and reminders. Your students do the work of entering their own information, so there’s less work for your staff.

Our web-based system easily allows you to:

  • Monitor unlimited programs with unique requirements
  • Track and drive student progress to complete requirements
  • View and approve required documentation from one convenient online location

Why choose Verified Credentials?

Why choose Verified Credentials?

Verify Clinical Eligibility 

Ensuring that your students meet partner and clinical affiliate requirements, such as background checks and immunizations, is essential. We help you manage all of these requirements in one place.

Verified Credentials helps you organize and store documents including:

  • Proof of immunizations (eg: tetanus, MMR, flu shots)
  • CPR and other required certifications
  • Insurance information (eg: medical insurance)
  • Proprietary documentation (eg: college online orientation completion certificate)
  • References & letters of recommendation
  • Required forms from schools, programs and affiliates

Create a Safer Environment 

Maintain a secure environment for students, staff and patients by running comprehensive criminal background checks. We offer a variety of options including:

  • County criminal search
  • Social Security trace
  • National criminal database search
  • National sex offender registry search

We also provide:

  • Adult/child abuse registry search
  • Academic verification
  • Employment verification
  • National Practitioners Data Bank search
  • OIG sanctions reports and GSA reports

Relieve the Administrative Burden 

Typically, student background checks and other program requirements involve hours of staff time and stacks of paperwork. Our customized solution simplifies the process for both staff and students, allowing you to view and manage all requirements in one place.

Easy-to-read Background Reports 

Report Scoring helps you interpret background check results at a glance. Reports can be color-coded to reflect the screening criteria that matters most to you. This time-saving feature is available as an add-on service.

Cutting-edge Technology 

Our exclusive technology makes the screening students and completing requirements easy for your staff to manage. Order and track background checks for multiple students from one convenient online location.

Experience You Can Trust 

Verified Credentials is the premier provider of background screening for students in higher-education health science programs. We serve over 2,000 clients including 700 health care organizations nationwide. As specialists in student background checks we also screen students in over 900 academic-related programs throughout North America.

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