Concert & Festival Production

Number of Employees: Hundreds to thousands of seasonal staff

Locations: 10


Organizing large outdoor concerts and festivals across the Midwest, the production company faced staffing challenges for its many seasonal events. For each festival hundreds of temporary staff needed to be hired. In order to meet their insurance carrier’s requirements, the hiring staff needed to ensure no unqualified staff would be on any festival grounds. In addition, the client was required to provide updated documentation on demand that showed that staff does not have disqualifying criminal records. With their current process, internal HR staff was manually sorting through thousands of candidates to find infractions.


Verified Credentials generated a custom report summarizing all infractions and sorting them by severity, including a detailed breakdown of all related records in an exportable, easy-to-read format. This information allowed the hiring staff to quickly determine which candidates were qualified for employment and which individuals were instantly eliminated from consideration.


In addition to reducing the time needed for making hiring decisions by over 50 hours each season, the festival production company also was able to provide the summary report to their insurance carrier as proof, as requested, that background checks were performed.

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