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Automated Emails for Students

Number of Students: 25,000

Locations: 5


A large West Coast university had numerous healthcare and professional programs utilizing Verified Credentials to help their 3,000 students fulfill their clinical rotation requirements for their affiliate medical institutions each year. They wanted to direct all students to one website to submit their credentials and purchase their background check. However, the requirements for each program and facility varied greatly and their administration wanted to facilitate communicating those specific requirements in a clear, consolidated manner. Their current method was sending multiple emails to the students to remind them.


The administration expressed their concern for communicating these requirements with Verified Credentials IT and Business Solutions staff. Together they developed unique letters from the Dean of the individual programs that outlined their unique requirements. Students could easily identify their program from the landing page of the university’s branded background screening web-based platform to access the auto-generated letter with their pre-established requirements.


Rather than administrators manually sending various emails and letters to the appropriate students, they could let the students access one website and self-identify which program, and therefore, requirements, they needed to fulfill. The result was less time invested by school administration to facilitate emails and answer questions from confused students.


Customer Service for Decentralized Sub-Accounts

Number of Employees: 3,000+

Locations: 60+


A major home health care service provider has been experiencing rapid growth in the past couple years, and the company realized that a management structure was needed for their 60 locations and 5 regional divisions.

  • Their current process was not consistent or efficient
  • Invoices were difficult to decipher
  • Very poor customer service (i.e. adding staff to the system took a week)


We provided the comprehensive solution by creating 60 sub-accounts for the decentralized locations. All sub-accounts are now managed by designated Account Administrators and regional HR staff still has the ability to order and track their applicants’ background checks. Additionally, Account Administrators for each of the 60 locations can add, delete and relate staff to the applicable locations and pull custom Administrative Reports.


Excellent customer service has been a key factor in ensuring that the 60 locations operate efficiently and receive assistance as needed. This included electronic invoices that eliminated the need to decipher a collective invoice and reallocate costs to different divisions/locations. Verified Credentials representatives also work to provide training and solutions to improve the process and to continue accommodating the home health company’s accelerated growth.


Helping a Candidate Catch Identity Theft


When applying for a CPA position, Joan was required to complete a background check. A credit report was part of the comprehensive screening process, which revealed negative information that impacted her eligibility for the desired position. Joan received a copy of her report and made a shocking discovery. There was a credit card recently opened with an outstanding balance that was negatively affecting her financial profile.


Joan approached the hiring company about the incorrect information, and she was referred to Verified. Verified Credentials worked closely with the credit bureau and the candidate to diligently manage the candidate dispute. When it was confirmed fraud, the steps were taken to:

  • Report the suspected fraud to the authorities
  • Remove the negative entry from the consumer’s credit file


Consumers need an advocate when false information blemishes their record. According to the FTC, credit fraud and identity theft saw a 23% increase in 2009, the worst increase recorded. Verified Credentials helped this CPA restore her overall reputation by:

  • Eliminating false information that could deter future job offers
  • Improving her credit score
  • Preventing potential calls from collection agencies


Correcting a Candidate’s Erroneous Employment Verification


Lucinda was applying for a management position for a Fortune 500 company when her background check halted what looked like a promising job opportunity. The company provided her with a copy of her background report and she found out that her previous employer had her listed as ineligible for rehire, which she knew to be incorrect. The Fortune 500 company’s hiring policy stated that candidates ineligible for rehire with a former employee were not qualified for employment.


The hiring company referred Lucinda to Verified Credentials to research this matter. Her previous employer used a third party service to store dates, title, salary and rehire status for all former employees. After discussions with both the third party and the former employer, Verified Credentials determined the information to be false.


Verified Credentials not only helped Lucinda regain her current job opportunity, but they also corrected the files with the third party data provider. She would not have to worry about that false information affecting her job prospects in the future.

What is this?

There are several types of codes:

Requirements Code:
This code is given to a user by an organization or person who has asked the user to complete a series of requirements for a given qualification process. Each qualification process is assigned a unique code. Users enter the code and are guided through an easy, step-by-step process to help them complete the mandatory requirements established by the requestor.

Sharing Code:
This code is typically given to a user by another person in effort to share information contained in their personal QualifiedFirst portfolio, such as their background report, professional qualifications, and more. The users enter the code and can view the shared information securely within their QualifiedFirst account. If the user does not have a QualifiedFirst account, they can open a FREE account in a matter of minutes.

Promotional Code:
This code is sent out to QualifiedFirst® users and can be used for discounts on personal background check orders. Note – these codes cannot be used when responding to a requirement set code.

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