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Efficient Professional License Verification Updates

Number of Employees: 25,000

Locations: Nationwide network


A major health care solutions company has staff with 12,000 dental and medical professional licenses that need to be renewed periodically based on licensing types and contract requirements. Validation of professional health, medical or dental licenses was particularly important for earning government contracts, which represent a substantial share of their clientele. The internal HR staff would manually track and submit orders on a case by case basis as staff required an annual verification triggered by expiration dates. This manual process resulted in an ineffective use of labor hours and routine cases of missed infractions. They desired a more automated method to complete these verification updates in an efficient and accurate manner.


Verified Credentials worked with the client to develop a custom web service that, based on defined expiration rules, would automatically submit orders with zero manual interaction. Results would then automatically route back to them electronically once the professional license verification was complete.


The time to monitor the status of professional license submissions and orders was effectively reduced by 90%. Considering the vast number of contracting staff they manage, the ability to reduce time per employee order by at least 5 minutes. Verified Credentials saves the company nearly 1,000 labor hours each year through the web service.


HRIS Integration for Fast Driving Record Results

Number of Employees: Over 1,500

Locations: 15 in the Midwest and Southeast


A large contractor has over 1,000 employees that drive company vehicles to deliver services to contractors and construction sites. The company needed an efficient way to monitor violations in driving history and license status for these employees. The HR staff would manually enter each MVR renewal order for their thousands of drivers on at least an annual basis. Typically this manual data entry process would take about 5 minutes per candidate, resulting in a high number of labor hours and routine errors.


Verified Credentials reviewed and developed a custom import file that could be extracted from their Human Resource Information System (HRIS).


Because of the integration, over 1,000 reports would be ordered and delivered within 48 hours. The results were annual savings of over 100 hours of labor for the submitted candidates. Verified Credentials was able to transfer all 1,000 result via PDF to the client and provide a summary report in Excel format to be used in identifying those candidates with exclusionary results. Staff with invalid licenses or had recent traffic infractions were easily identified for HR to address.


Custom Digital Release for Georgia State Search

Number of Employees: Thousands worldwide

Locations: 100,000 locations in 190 countries


The international money order and financial services company faced criminal screening requirements in a jurisdiction that requires a specific release form. In Georgia, the Georgia Criminal Investigation Center (GCIC) requires a release form be completed before processing the search. However, the process required a manual form be completed and signed by the candidate, resulting in increased processing and turnaround times.


Verified Credentials worked with the company to implement an electronic GCIC release within Verified’s web-based system that allowed all Georgia employees to complete and sign the form online when providing their other credentials. What was once a manual process, Verified credentials was able to streamline by implementing a digital release complete with e-signature capabilities.


The financial services company no longer had to distribute and collect the required hard copies of the GCIC form to Georgia candidates. By working with their criminal vendor network and developing a digital version of the signed release, Verified Credentials was able to save many labor hours, as well as accelerate the hiring process for its Georgia locations.


What is this?

There are several types of codes:

Requirements Code:
This code is given to a user by an organization or person who has asked the user to complete a series of requirements for a given qualification process. Each qualification process is assigned a unique code. Users enter the code and are guided through an easy, step-by-step process to help them complete the mandatory requirements established by the requestor.

Sharing Code:
This code is typically given to a user by another person in effort to share information contained in their personal QualifiedFirst portfolio, such as their background report, professional qualifications, and more. The users enter the code and can view the shared information securely within their QualifiedFirst account. If the user does not have a QualifiedFirst account, they can open a FREE account in a matter of minutes.

Promotional Code:
This code is sent out to QualifiedFirst® users and can be used for discounts on personal background check orders. Note – these codes cannot be used when responding to a requirement set code.

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